Two more months behind us, 3 more months to go

Two more months behind us, 3 more months to go

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. The past two months have been a whirlwind of work travel, wedding preparations, and boat projects. I spent about half of May on the road – first in the UK for work, then in Nashville for a friend’s bachelorette party, then in New Orleans for my own bachelorette party. In June, Philippe and I spent back-to-back weekends enjoying the weddings of friends, and in between we spent a week on the East Coast visiting our own wedding venue and vendors.

Both of us are feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to get done in the next three months, but we’re trying our best to keep each other calm. July will be a big month for us, with both haul out and the rigging refit scheduled. Hopefully we won’t run into any major challenges and we’ll start to see things coming together.


May & June Projects & Progress

  • Registered for the 2017 Baja Ha-Ha and received our welcome packet
  • Installed a new starter battery and 8 new flooded lead acid batteries for an expanded house bank. Previously, we’d had an empty battery compartment. We have now filled it with batteries, but we still need to wire everything together.
  • Installed a new battery watering system.
  • Received and installed a shiny new set of 3/16 uncoated wire lifelines.
  • Purchased and installed a 73 pound (33 kg) galvanized steel Rocna anchor.
  • Philippe spent hours troubleshooting and working on our engine water pump. He wound up building a custom bracket and remounting the whole pump.
  • Completed a number of Spectra 200c watermaker projects, including:
    • Replaced the reverse osmosis membrane
    • Re-installed the rebuilt Clark Pump
    • Installed a new pressure gauge
    • Discovered that the rubber diaphragm in our accumulator tank was punctured. Ordered a new one.
  • Replaced a few cracked winch handle pockets in the cockpit.
  • Got quotes and scheduled our haul out and rigging refit for July.
  • Worked on our ham radio:
    • Passed our Amateur Radio License Exams (technician and general)
    • Applied for our vanity call signs (Carolyn is currently KM6KZK and Philippe is KM6KZJ, but we have applied for KC6SVU and KF6SVU, respectively)
    • Took our ICOM 735 transceiver to the Amateur Radio Club of Alameda shop night and the 2017 Field Day to have it looked at by some ham radio experts
    • Spent some time with our friend, Mike, from SV Mouton Noir, who helped us with setup and troubleshooting
  • Bought a pair of Go-Anywhere seats, which came highly recommended.



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Two more months behind us, 3 more months to go

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