Frequent Crew

Frequent Crew


Despite living in New York, Keith has helped with countless boat projects on Untangled and Unsightly. If you like our cockpit speakers, bicycle rack, and blog, you can thank Keith. Keith owns a Spirit 28, S/V Aleutian Tern. Lucky for us, it’s docked in Alameda, which brings him to the West Coast often. Before we owned Untangled, Philippe and Keith captained a Harmony 52 in the British Virgin Islands for 7 of their high school friends, Carolyn, and Cooley. Keith spends his spare time collecting free t-shirts, eating fancy dinners, and disc golfing in the park.




Cooley & Mer

Also known as “Family”, Cooley and Meredith are constants on Untangled and in our lives. Philippe and Cooley were friends from undergrad, and were roommates in San Francisco when Carolyn first came into the picture. Meredith joined the crew shortly thereafter. Cooley and Meredith enjoy good wine, game nights, traveling to new places, and checking things off of their bucket lists. When Carolyn and Philippe travel, Yuki looks forward to wearing his “Uncle Cooley” name tag and sleeping over at Cooley and Mer’s place in the City.

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