The Crew

The Crew




Captain Philippe’s name betrays his french heritage, but he spent all but the first six months of his life in the states. Before landing in San Francisco for a biotech job, he grew up in NJ (inland, not shore!) and studied in Ithaca, NY and Durham, NC. He misses eastern NC BBQ daily. Currently he’s spending most of his time getting Untangled ship-shape. His favorite things in life include deciphering how things work, sailing, hiking, biking, cycling, and shenanigans with friends. He’s most proud of having convinced Carolyn and Yuki to live on a boat – despite its initial lack of refrigeration and septic system.



First Mate

Carolyn grew up in beautiful Upstate New York, but moved to California after falling in love with Yosemite, the first national park she ever visited. Her favorite things in life include handwritten cards, the feel of clean sheets, tall mountains, and keeping in touch with friends. She loves staying active, so she packs her weekends and evenings full of volunteer activities, les cours de français, hiking, sailing, running, and camping. It’s rare that she watches a movie without crying, and she is a dedicated supporter of the Girl Scouts. Someday, she’d like to visit all 59 national parks.



Professional snuggler

When Philippe adopted Yuki in 2012, his adoption description started, “who rocks the party? I rock the party!”. It was a fitting description since Yuki, also know as Nut, Bug, or Puppy, is full of endless excitement and happiness. His favorite things include squeaky toys, peanut butter filled Kongs, delicious smells, long walks, and morning snuggles. If you get close enough, he will cover your face in kisses. He loves his home on Untangled, even though he dislikes the roar of the engine and has fallen in the water a few times already.

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