The Boat

The Boat

Construction on Untangled (née Quaesta) began in 1979 by Spencer Boats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The 1330 model was one of the last designed by John Brandlmayr before his passing and features a fin keel and skeg hung rudder. Untangled was hull 23 of 25 and therefore one of the last hulls laid up before the company ceased operations.

Unfortunately, due to the declining health of the previous owners, we know fewer details of her history than we would like, but here’s what we do know:

The original owner, who was over 6′ tall, requested that Spencer combine the aft cockpit version of the deck with the center cockpit version of the hull which resulted in an additional 4-5′ of freeboard and an extremely spacious interior feel for her era. Additionally the cabin trunk of the deck was extended aft to increase interior accommodations and make for a somewhat smaller offshore-appropriate cockpit.

Spencer Boats glassed the hull, deck, and chainplates directly together, as was their practice, before the boat was turned over to John Maestres of Custom Offshore Yachts Ltd to finish the interior. Untangled is therefore officially a “kit” boat – but you would never guess from the quality of the joinery.

We are the third owners (with each previous enjoying a ~15 year tenure). From 1998-2000 Untangled benefited from a sizable refit as the second owners prepared her for cruising in Mexico, where she spent many years. Consequently, her electronics from this era are somewhat dated and she’s due for new standing rigging. In 2010 the cockpit enclosure canvas was replaced and the hull reported treated to a full gelcoat peel to address blisters evident at that time.

When our time to take over Untangled‘s care came she had seen very limited usage over the past 6 or so years. But… her interior was gorgeous, her structure sound, and she spoke to us.

For more details on the Spencer 1330 model, I would point you to the excellent article by Ferenc Mate, “The Boat that Broke the Rock” in Best Boats to Build or Buy.


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